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Last night I died a thousand deaths - Ondalay - Blindsided in the dead of night - Whadahey I try to explain what it feels like - When you're shot in the back of your mind with a bulletless gun by a kid that you don't even hardly know.

Was it something I said to them - Eyedunno - As they plotted their vengeance - here it comes, There it goes. I tried to recall what I did that caused these viscous attacks on my personal life Invisible swords thrown by kids that I barely know.

As I walk down a busy hall - I'm invisible - Dismember my love - cuz you're not even real. What kind of a coward - would victimize someone - who can't see what happened yet has to endure all the pain of the loneliness and all the shame of the crime?

Deep down inside your little brain - yayoublewit. Every dog has their day of reckoning - anunewit. I kill myself and minors - get sent away. Suicides and beatings and big phony meetings should never have happened if someone was minding the store.

Back in the day was a time - when life was simpler and - folks came face to face to deal with their differences. I'm told - by philosophers that change is a good thing except when that change hides out in a room brewing evil ideas that belong to a criminal mind.

Here's one for the ages - where the yell did they come from. Now get off of the stage and stand at attention. If some of us care - to stand and be heard - then there's hope for the planet and everyone on it who takes off their mask and divulges their true self to all...